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The National Ballet of Canada

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About National Ballet

The National Ballet of Canada is a renowned ballet company situated in Canada, known for its range of performances that encompass both ballets and modern pieces. Created in 1951 by the ballerina Celia Franca and a group of enthusiasts, the company has evolved into a force in the dance world, whose mission is to foster and promote ballet art in Canada and to some extent abroad.

History and Background

  • Founding: The National Ballet of Canada was founded in 1951 by Celia Franca, a British expat who had been solicited to come to Canada to establish a classical ballet company, and who in her early years was responsible for laying the groundwork and establishing artistic standards for the company.
  • Growing: The Company has blossomed in its scope and artistic breadth throughout the years and developed countless dancers, choreographers, and artists, all of whom have gone on to forge their own places in Canada’s cultural landscape as well as the world of ballet.

Repertoire and Performances

  • Classical Ballets: The company specializes in traditional classical ballets, such as “The Nutcracker,” “Swan Lake,” “Giselle,” “The Sleeping Beauty,” and others. Full orchestra with elaborate sets and costumes featuring large audiences.
  • Contemporary Repertoire: The National Ballet of Canada also performs to contemporary repertoire. This could mean the terms ‘contemporary repertoire’ and ‘contemporary’ mean different types of music to audiences. It references not only pieces and works choreographed to contemporary classical repertoire, but also meaningful works by modern choreographers – both from Canadian and international repertoire – expressing artistic meaning for the present day.

Artistic Leadership

Since its founding by Celia Franca, the company has been led by a series of artistic directors who have built the company and helped shape its aesthetic: they include James Kudelka, Karen Kain, and many others.

Training and Development

The National Ballet School of Canada is connected to the National Ballet of Canada which is recognized as one of the premier ballet institutions, in the country. It provides a high level of instruction in classical dance skills for young dancers, preparing the talent to pursue a ballet career. Many dancers in the company have graduated from this school.

Community Engagement and Educational Programs

Community engagement and education are central to the National Ballet of Canada’s mission, especially outreach programs that aim to demystify ballet for a general audience. This is accomplished through school visits, open rehearsals, post-performance talks with the dancers, workshops, and master classes – all designed to encourage audiences to experience and participate in the arts.

International Presence

The organization has toured extensively, both nationally and internationally, featuring in foreign festivals and competitions, thus assisting ballet in Canada to gain branding overseas and assisting in cultural exchanges and cooperation.

Throughout the years the National Ballet of Canada has been honored with awards and recognition, for its performance, creativity and impact, on the arts both locally and internationally. The National Ballet of Canada continues to be part of Canada’s cultural mosaic that continues to evolve and change the way ballet is created as art for inspiring future generations of dancers and audience members.