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Step into the magical realm of ballet with the American Ballet Theatre’s upcoming season, offering a lineup of performances that promise to enchant and mesmerize audiences. With tickets now on sale, this is a golden opportunity for ballet fans and newcomers alike to indulge in an extraordinary cultural experience. Starting at just $56, with an average price point of $155, securing your ticket guarantees you a seat and ensures an entrée into a world of unparalleled elegance and breathtaking grace. Welcome to American Ballet Theatre.

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About ABT

We are preserving the Elegance: American Ballet Theatre’s 2024/2025 Season.
American Ballet Theatre (ABT), perhaps the most significant classical ballet institution in the United States and maybe the world, takes the mission statement ‘America’s National Ballet Company®’ very seriously. Although it’s a ballet company, in the practical sense, it is also a phenomenon and a cultural mainstay, drawing on the classical canon – putting its best foot forward in tribute to tradition – while embracing the avant-garde.

A Global Stage for Classical Dance

However, the art that is the soul of ABT extends well beyond the footlights. Its true north is the vast community animating all that happens – its staff, international artists, a knowledgeable and engaged Board of Trustees, and a passionate family of volunteers – whose work and play touches the lives of every patron, dancer, audience member, sponsor and student, fostering a wealthy and expanding international family of art enthusiasts and stakeholders.

ABT is rooted in the belief that sharing the transformative power of the performing arts is an unparalleled vehicle for connecting across boundaries. Whether geographic, cultural, linguistic, or socioeconomic, the institution and its education programs aim to inspire positive personal transformation through the universal language of dance.

2024/2025: A Year of Breathtaking Performances

This coming season, ABT returns with a selection of ballets ranging from classical greatest hits to boundary-pushing avant-garde. This commendable range of programming culminates this fall as the company takes over the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center for an eight-week run. This period is highlighted by the momentous return of the delightful Wheeldon’s Alice in Wonderland and an array of pieces featuring the remarkable athleticism and artistry of the company’s dancers.

In addition, the ABT touring schedule highlights the company’s continuing commitment to bolstering accessibility and outreach with the best of the best in ballet, reaching theatre levels across the United States. This keeps dance—which has such a powerful force—beyond the glass ceilings and right in front of ballet fans and newcomers alike.

Ticket Information
  • You are securing Your Seat.
    Don’t sleep on your chance to see ABT’s productions because time is running out. It depends on what city and venue line-up you are looking at because the different landscapes and audiences affect how and when tickets sell out. In New York – the city at the heart of the ABT artistic world – tickets run high, reflecting the privilege of watching a show at one of the world’s most famous opera houses. This company aims to make dance available for everyone, so don’t fret: there are plenty of affordable options, too.
  • American Ballet Theatre Ticket Pricing Guide.
    How much do ballets cost? They cost as much as you are willing to pay to take a ballet class, as much as you would pay to rent a ballet flat. A year with the American Ballet Theatre can cost whatever your local version, your choice of venue, and your choice of seats costs.
  • Diverse Pricing for a Diverse Audience.
    The home of the American Ballet Theatre here in New York will always price tickets at the high end because this is where tickets are always priced at the high end. I have premium, up-close seats for tonight’s showing. This is a unique experience I allowed myself that I likely will never offer others. The cost is higher to sit up close. All places have premium ticket prices. The premium pie is a more significant percentage in New York.
  • Average Ticket Costs and Budget-Friendly Options.
    A bit of American Ballet Theatre is a great place to start, as their average ticket price is about $250, which is a comfortable number to begin with when planning budgets. That said, budget-minded ballet goers can also book tickets from as low as $51.00…The sky is not the limit, and everyone can enjoy ballet… Ultimately, tickets can reach up to $688.00 for the ultimate ballerina experience.
  • Location-Specific Pricing Insights.
    At ABT’s home base in New York – home to the most expensive ticket prices in the US – seating in the orchestra can be from $300 to $500, while upper levels are a still-posh $70-100; tickets for the rest of the country hover around the same price range. In Chicago, you can expect to pay from $135 to sit in the rear orchestra or dress circle, or, if you want to go big in the front orchestra, more than $190, and $50-75 for an upper level or balcony. Prices vary not only by city but also by venue and special events.
  • Tailoring Your Ballet Experience.
    Consider the following variables when planning your trip to an American Ballet Theatre performance this season: Whether you’re interested in the New York skybox experience or the ballet-for-the-people options elsewhere, the American Ballet Theatre offers enticing seats in the right Diamond State.

Journey with us as we unveil our 2024/2025 season – a season designed to transport and inspire. Whether you’re a longtime ballet fan or just beginning a love affair with its transformative power, the American Ballet Theatre can set your spirit soaring.

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ABT's 2024/2025 Season at the Metropolitan Opera House